Shocking NHS figures show rise in self-harm among under-18s

Women Sitting - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Greyson Fergusonsource: The Telegraph
published: 23 October 2016

The number of children and young people self-harming has risen dramatically in the last decade, new figures show, with particularly steep trends among girls.

The number of girls treated as hospital inpatients after cutting themselves has almost quadrupled in a decade, official figures show, with 2,311 cases in 2014/15.

It follows a report last month which warned that young women have become the most high risk group in society, with one in four among those aged between 18 and 24 having self-harmed.

Experts said the rise is a “shocking” reflection of the levels of serious psychological distress being suffered by children, many of whom are struggling to cope with social pressures.

The new statistics tracked cases of self-harming among those under the age of 18.

The numbers of girls receiving hospital treatment after poisoning themselves has almost doubled, the figures show, with close to 14,000 cases annually.

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