MASH Programme : Managing Your Money course

UK Sterling Cash Money - Image Credit Serge Bertasius Photography at www.FreeDigitalPhotos.netManaging My Money is a course delivered by Building Bridges Training for people with a mental health support need or learning disability who live independently.

The 3 day sessions are as follows:

Important: To receive attendance benefits and accredited certificate all 3 days must be attended – Priority given to current MASH participants.  
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About Building Bridges Training CIC

Building Bridges Training CIC is an independent social enterprise which makes a difference to people’s lives through delivering training, demonstrating how everyone can contribute towards providing better support and improved services and true inclusion for all. Their training is co-delivered with trainers with a learning disability.

Managing My Money course

This is a three day course accredited with the Open College Network West Midlands, for service users who live independently and manage their own budget. It is suitable for people with no or very minimal literacy skills.

The aim is to enable learners to identify bills and expenses, to plan spending in order to maintain a home and recognise regular and weekly expenses; understand fixed and variable costs, and long-term expenses.

The course is delivered through fun activities such as using picture cards, quizzes, completing worksheets and role plays. Learners are supported to make a commitment to future action eg to stick to a personal shopping budget; join the credit union, etc.

Each participant receives a £10 supermarket voucher to incentivise completion of the course. This motivates learners to committing to attend all three days, and it rewards their efforts when they have completed the course. Learners who achieve the learning outcomes and complete their workbook will gain a 3 credit unit at Entry Level 3.

Outcomes for learners

  • Have better understanding of the need to budget their money and what their financial commitments are. This will enable them to spend within a budget and avoid running out of money for essentials such as food and electric before their next benefit payment
  • Understand the consequence of not paying bills and getting into debt
  • Learn ideas how to make a limited income go further eg how to shop economically, save energy in the home
  • Achieve an accredited award from the Open College Network West Midlands Region
  • Meet new friends and gain peer support
  • Have increased confidence to try new learning opportunities in the future
  • Be signposted to other organisations that may be able to help them eg Welfare Rights Unit, CAB if anyone discloses they are in debt, charities who can provide low income people with furniture, clothes and food

The course is FREE to MASH service users / participants and includes lunch and refreshments.

For more information please Tippa Naphtali (Project Co-ordinator) – Click Here