MASH Programme : Theatre Project

LouDeemy ProductionsEvent - Theater Seats - Image Credit Apples Eyes Studio at (run by Louise Stokes and Nadeem Chughtai) will deliver eight 3-hour sessions involving mentors, volunteers and mentees/participants exploring mental health, resilience and well-being, through the medium of creative arts.

Aimed at current participants of the MASH Programme, we will engage participants in a variety of interactive arts techniques, including drama, comedy, creative writing, poetry, music, role play, monologue, sketch and ensemble activities.

The sessions will be taking place as follows:

  • 19th & 26th November 2016
  • 3rd December 2016
  • 21st & 28th January 2017
    4th & 18th February 2017

All sessions will be on Saturdays (avoiding regular drop-in dates) from 1pm to 4.30pm @ Ladywood Community & Health Centre, St Vincent Street West, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 8RP.

Participants will be encouraged and nurtured in sharing and developing talents they may already have, engaging in new ones, and working together in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

The activities themselves will benefit participants in terms of increasing their self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-awareness, awareness of others, ability to work as part of a team and on their own initiative.

The project will also help them gain/develop a range of social, interactional and communication skills essential to living well in the wider community.

The performances will also demonstrate that their engagement in such activities, (as well as developing a range of soft transferable skills, increasing social skills and interactions), will mean an increased likelihood of reintegration into the wider community, seeking employment (voluntary, part time, full time), becoming involved in their own communities, and a general improvement in the wholistic (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) quality of their lives, along with the positive effect that this will then have on their family friends and communities.

Context & Outcome

During the course of the eight sessions the participants will develop performance pieces around a variety of genres, as individuals and in small and/or large groups to be performed to an invited audience, including potential funders, in March 2017.

The purpose of this performance/sharing will be to demonstrate to the audience the importance and value of the peer mentor and advocacy support group engaging in participant-centred activities provided by the programme in conjunction with third party providers.

For more information please Tippa Naphtali (Project Co-ordinator) – Click Here