“social interaction and friendship”

We run a monthly drop-in and social event for people with a lived experience of mental health.

The monthly social events are at the very heart of the programme and serve two main purposes:

  1. For the programme co-ordinator and participants to touch base, share progress, good news stories etc, and, most importantly, for the participants to raise any issues that they may need support with outside the session.
  2. To take part in structured activities in the form of guest motivational speakers (survivors / community activists, leaders etc.) and or an interesting or fun activity (silk screen print, short film / discussion, industry / workplace outings and others).
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The social events form the main hub where participants, including mentors and advocates, can come together, share and support their ideas, interests or milestones and enjoy social interaction and a meal in a safe and informal atmosphere.

Tippa Naphtali, Programme Co-ordinator, said;

“A well-being driver for all people (those with mental health support needs or not) is the realization of their potential and the pursuance of their aspirations.

“Not unlike many other health issues, those with mental health support needs may have to accept this will be a condition for life.

“Having said that it is important to acknowledge that living with any condition does not mean one cannot achieve a reasonable quality of life or pursue career aspirations and / or personal pursuits.”


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If you’re interested in becoming an advocate or mentor, we would love to hear from you. Our enrolment process is staggered throughout the year so don’t be disappointed if you are unable to get started right away!

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While we do have limited capacity for new participants, we can keep you on a waiting list and refer you to other community-based services.

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IMPORTANT:  Mentees or participants can be male or females from an African or Caribbean background or of mixed African / Caribbean heritage.

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